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Only operating instructions and safety instructions for ebm-papst Mulfingen and ebm-papst St.Georgen products can be found.
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ebm-papst Mulfingen12-digit type designationR3G500AP2501
ebm-papst St. Georgen 10-digit type designation9295414237

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Operating Instructions
Safety instructions for EC and DC fans and motors
EC Gateway Manual
EC 112 and 150: Operating Instructions for built in fans with three phase powered motor sizes 112 and 150
AC 110 and 138: Operating Instructions for AC fans sizes 110 and 138
Safety instructions for AC fans and motors
Safety Data Sheet for AC-DC Compact Fans (2015)
Operating instructions for drive systems
CCC000 Pressure contoller: Connection details and instructions for CCC000 pressure controller in ventilation applications
CCC000-AD06-02 EC Controller
Manuals For Communication & Control Systems
EC Control Manual
EC Control Application Guide
Fan Control Manual
Fan Control/Fan Clone Compatibility Chart
Operating Manual for Handheld ESM Programmer
Wiring Diagrams - General
ebmpapst standard AC wiring diagrams
ebmpapst special AC wiring diagrams
Automotive Products: Connection diagram for most automotive products
Wiring Diagrams for old GEN I ebmbus fans
EC 1 : Connection Details for most large EC motors showing a range of control options
EC 2: Connection Details for most large EC motors by external sensor where the motor internal PID contorller is used
EC 3: Connection Details for external devices to ensure large EC motors operate at full speed under emergency conditions
EC 4: Connection details for large EC controlled by external controller
Wiring Diagrams for new GEN II Modbus Fans
Gen II A1: 0-10V or PWM Analogue control using external controller
Gen II A2 : 4-20mA Analogue control using external contoller
Gen II B : Master-Slave Analogue control using Sensor
Gen II C1 : RS485 Daisy Chain Using Hardwire Connection
Gen II C2 : RS485 Daisy Chain Using Bluetooth Connection
Gen II C3 : RS 485 Programming without Mains Power ON
EC Wiring Diagrams
L1 + L2