Pumps for evaporative cooling

Pumps for evaporative cooling are used in evaporative air-conditioners. ebm-papst A&NZ have recently launched their new ebm Alpha Pump, the technology leader in evaporative cooling.

The new ebm-papst Alpha pump – the technology leader in evaporative cooling.

We have taken our proven ebm 40 JB evaporative cooling pump design and improved it significantly. The ebm 40 JB is now being replaced by the improved ebm Alpha pump, a proven evap pump design exclusively and locally manufactured for harsh Australian conditions.

The benefits at a glance
The powerful split-capacitor motor with high starting torque supports easy starts even after long off-periods. It is protected and self-cooling to achieve a significantly longer lifetime compared to other pumps in the market. The improved design gives increased performance while using 20% less energy than the comparable evap pumps. It replaces most other pumps available and its single point mounting enables quick exchange.Further benefits of the new ebm Alpha pump are its low draft. The ebm Alpha only needs a minimum of 57mm water depth which makes it a versatile and reliable replacement pump. It comes with a 2 year warranty - the best in the market.The pump will come in individual boxes to facilitate easy handling and better protection, and will continue to be sold in packs of 10.

The philosophy

The design is in line with ebm-papst Green Tech philosophy; "each new product that we develop has to be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology." Year after year, we commit our knowhow and inventiveness to redefining standards with ever more powerful and efficient motors and fans that raise the bar ever higher.

The new ebm-papst Alpha pump – the technology leader in evaporative cooling. Find out more here.

ModelPower SupplyWattsFlow l/min at 1m headFlow l/min at 2m headMotorBearings
ebm Alpha240V/50Hz503225External rotor motorBall
*Typical data which can vary by location and filter material.