A perfect match: fan coil units and air curtains with GreenTech EC fans.

Unbeatable technology

Manufacturers of fan coil units face a difficult choice when deciding on the right fan: In addition to the necessary power, low operating noise and the installation conditions in the fan coil unit housing, it is important to select the right fan drive operating principle to suit requirements. After all, this has a crucial influence on energy consumption and hence the operating costs.

At ebm-papst we have thought of all these things – and even gone one step further. In the past, the parallel operation of several fans was hindered by interference from harmonics. These are now filtered out by the optional Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) specially developed by ebm-papst and no additional measures are then required to deal with this problem!

Virtually imperceptible running noise

Fan coil units are mostly used in offices and hotel rooms – places where people spend a lot of time. This makes noise emissions a particularly important issue. With their intelligent, aerodynamically optimised design, ebm-papst fans can be relied upon for extremely quiet and efficient operation. What’s more, infinitely variable speed control guarantees just the right air flow to suit every situation. As well as in fan coil units, our GreenTech EC centrifugal fans are also used in air curtains – where they again supply exactly the right amount of air.

Single, twin and triple fans are all available with GreenTech EC technology. These attain an air performance of up to 2,500 m³/h in the power range up to 245 W. Installation could not be simpler thanks to the Plug & Play concept and particularly compact dimensions.

Maximum comfort

Fan coil fans

GreenTech EC centrifugal fans are highly efficient, use up to 70 % less energy than conventional AC fans and are also extremely quiet.

Given so many advantages, planners, manufacturers and owners can all sleep soundly.

Top quality – in every respect


Fan Coil Fan Housing

Robust design

  • Strong plastic housing
  • Aerodynamic housing contour
  • Proven, hard-wearing design

Flexible installation

  • With horizontal or vertical motor shaft

Easy to fit

  • Sheet metal nuts pre-assembled on housing flange
  • Adapter plate if required by customer

Quiet operation

  • Special motor mount isolates housing from vibrations
  • Aeroacoustically optimised suspension

Safe operation

  • Flame-proof version optionally available


Fan coil impeller

Quiet operation

  • Impeller rotor unit dynamically balanced in two planes
  • High balance quality

Great efficiency

  • Optimised aerodynamics

Flexible configuration

  • Available as single, twin or triple fan
  • Parallel connection for increased air flow

GreenTech EC motor

EC motor fan coil

High efficiency

  • Low copper and iron loss
  • No slip loss thanks to synchronous running
  • No magnetic hysteresis loss in the rotor thanks to the use of permanent magnets
  • Maintenance of high efficiency level

Optimised commutation

  • Permits part load operation up to 1:10

Low noise emissions

  • Optimised actuation and adapted stator design


Simple commissioning

  • Motor, electronics and control system all from a single source, so no need for complex coordination
  • Central connection area for mains and control input

Flexible control

  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Control signal PWM (D1G and K1G) and 0–10 V DC / PWM (D3G and K3G)

Safe operation

  • Integrated locked rotor and excess temperature protection
  • Safe shutdown even in the event of a fault
  • Speed and optional alarm output

Universal use

  • Suitable for 50 and 60 Hz systems
  • Option of different voltage configurations for worldwide use

An investment that soon pays for itself

Cost comparison of EC vs AC technology.

Fan coil units generally have a long service life. Which makes a high efficiency level a particularly valuable asset. So it comes as no surprise that building planners and owners are always on the lookout for efficient solutions – just like our GreenTech EC technology.

Thanks to an extremely low power consumption, investments in GreenTech EC technology pay for themselves in less than two years. Maintenance-free operation and a very long service life reduce the life cycle costs still further.

Fan without Active PFC
Example without Active PFC

Benefit from newly developed electronics with Active Power Factor Correction in the power range up to 170 W: Active PFC filters out unwanted harmonics and helps to achieve excellent power factors of up to λ = 0.99. Current peaks are also reduced by up to 50 %. This means that the connection of several fans in parallel is no problem. Active PFC from ebm-papst thus opens up completely new perspectives for operating air conditioning systems!

Power factor λ = 0.53
Current IRMS = 958 mA

Example with Active PFC
Example with Active PFC

Power factor λ = 0.99
Current IRMS = 628 mA