iQ Motors

We have taken a standard motor and a principle that has enjoyed success in countless applications for decades and made it more intelligent, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly - introducing the new iQ motor.

Exchange your old motor for 70 % more efficiency

Features of the shaded-pole motor (Q-motor) such as outstanding running smoothness, low maintenance and a long service life have made asynchronous motors a standard component in small fans. Our objective was to significantly improve the inner mechanism of the Q-motor by incorporating EC technology – while keeping the exterior design identical. Conventional Q-motors can now be replaced with the new “iQ”-motors if the fans fail or if a more energy-efficient solution is required.

During the development of the iQ-motor, our engineers took giant strides towards reducing energy costs and fulfilling environmental protection requirements. By integrating ebm-papst EC technology, the new iQ-motor features far better efficiency and pays for itself quickly due to its significant energy-savings.

Same on the outside – more efficient on the inside

From the outside, it is the same old fan. The identical dimensions and mounting options enable simple replacement without changes, structural modifications or any other extra effort. Axial impellers with diameters of 154 to 254 mm can be installed on the new iQ-motor just as before. The same applies to the mounting flange, the wall ring and the guard grille. Therefore, thousands of applications can easily be made more energy-efficient as part of routine maintenance, and may benefit at once from a drastic increase in efficiency, without any development effort.

The best equipment – not just in an emergency

The enormous increase in energy efficiency is not the only feature we have packed into the intelligent motor. Important electronic features ensure that the iQ-motor works even more “conscientiously” than its simple counterpart. For example, the motor has a closed loop speed control that keeps it at the same speed at all times, regardless of the diameter of the installed blade. With dirt or other interference factors, they do not cause an overload of the motor. The iQ-motor continues working at reduced speed.

One design – thousands of applications

Just one design is compatible with the entire range of impellers, from 154 to 254 mm. This makes logistics easier and keeps your development effort low. Moreover, the smallest size, the iQ 3608, is the most compact version of an EC motor for its field of application in refrigeration. It has an axial installation depth of only 74 mm, thus guaranteeing the necessary little bit of air in very tight installation spaces.

Energy-saving and quiet – throughout its long service life

All variants share the low-noise performance and the famous long service life that have made this motor type so popular for so long. A critical role is played by a particularly low-friction bearing system with double ball bearings. Thus the iQ-motor can continue to yield its enormous savings potential for a very long time after only a brief amortisation phase. Available options include the IP 54 type of protection and, of course, a standards-compliant TÜV approval.

The iQ savings potential in the long term

If you look at the figures for the iQ-motor over a prolonged period, its considerable energy-savings potential becomes especially obvious: