HyBlade® - Premium Hybrid Fan

Pioneering spirit and a drive for action

Here at ebm-papst, nothing motivates more than intelligent and quiet movement through the air, and we work away every day on innovative technologies and new ideas. In this, top priority is given to finding solutions for customer requirements, delivering greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness and performance.

With HyBlade®, an innovative and at the present time also a unique hybrid structure for fan blades, ebm-papst is redefining the strengths of large axial fans! Constructed from a combination of an aluminium supporting structure and a cladding or sleeve made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic is setting entirely new performance standards. The optimised aerodynamic shape causes enormous noise reduction while significantly increasing the efficiency compared to conventional blades. HyBlade axial fans are now available in sizes 200 to1250mm.

We are taking the next step

Having enjoyed a reputation in the refrigeration and climate control industries of premium quality and premium performance, ebm-papst continues to meet the rising requirements through new research into fan technology capabilities, leading to the maximum possible airflow rating at the lowest possible noise level.

However, the specification profile our developers set themselves also included an optimised efficiency rating, improved corrosion protection, reduced weight and environmentally-aware production with a favourable energy-to-output ratio. For this reason, we are never satisfied with small facelifts or with an evolution of the familiar. For this next stage in development, we are taking a giant step forward. The outcome is genuinely impressive: HyBlade® – a term embodying the notion of raising the bar very long way indeed in many disciplines, and setting the next set of milestones for the fan technology sector.


  • Massive weight reduction
  • Ultra-efficient blade profiling
  • Revolutionary noise reduction
  • Substantial improvement in efficiency rating
  • Significantly more environmentally compatible production
  • Available in AC and EC technology