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AxiBlade axial fan

Red Dot Design Award Winner

AxiBlade was selected as a winner of a Red Dot Award for product design in the category of ‘Industrial equipment, machinery and automation’.

The coveted Red Dot Design Award is held each year to appraise the best products, and covers a multitude of categories. Forty recognised experts from around the world guarantee the high quality standards and thus the value of the Red Dot seal, which is awarded only to the highest quality design.

The adjudication process follows strict criteria including degree of innovation, ergonomics, product periphery, functionality, durability, self-explanatory quality, formal quality, symbolic and emotional content, and ecological compatibility.

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Can a single fan system cover all applications?

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems can have very different requirements. You want to receive a tailor-made solution, so the heart of the system – the fan – must also be tailor-made.

Can AxiBlade deliver the optimum for every operation point?

Yes! Your ebm-papst solution: AxiBlade.

  • By application-specific customization
  • With thought-through detailed solutions
  • In a uniquely broad range of services

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Significant increase in output and reduction in noise levels
  • No-compromise planning  flexibility like never before
  • Optimum efficiency at every operation point

Can a fan system significantly boost the cooling performance per m² of installation area?

The unique modular concept of the new AxiBlade guarantees optimum performance at each operating point – with system efficiency improvements of up to 54% and noise emission reductions of up to 8 dB(A). For your application, this means significantly more efficiency and power density in the same installation space.

Say Yes! to the new benchmark in air conditioning and refrigeration.

Do we deliver the best performance for every operating point?


  • From application-specific adjustments
  • With solutions engineered down to the last detail
  • In a broad performance spectrum

In order to better satisfy the requirements of heat exchangers with different designs, we have analysed applications used in the market in detail. Our solution is a modular concept that provides maximum flexibility so that fans can be operated as close to their ideal state as possible in typical operating ranges. Here are some examples:

Operating range 1
Your requirements: Low to medium back pressure (up to approx. 200 Pa)
Our solution: AxiBlade complete system
The details: Standard fan housing

Operating range 2
Your requirements: High back pressure (up to approx. 290 Pa)
Our solution: AxiBlade complete system
The details: Special fan housing with integrated diffuser andguide vanes. In combination with the guide vanes,the diffuser integrated into the fan housing minimisesthe outflow turbulence. The dynamic lossesalso impact the energy footprint.

If noise level is your major concern, we can reduce the sound pressure by up to 8 dB(A).

Does AxiBlade tap all of its optimization potential? Yes!

For the new AxiBlade, the overall system consisting of impeller, motor, housing and control electronics is taken into consideration. After all, looking at all the components of a fan is the only way to fully maximise its potential. As the figure shows, today aerodynamics is practically the only area in which decisive improvements can be achieved. In the process, the exact installation situation and the application-specific operating points must be considered so the fans work with the best possible efficiency when they are in operation.

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