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13 February 2018

EC Plug Fans in AHU Applications Best Practice Guide

ebm-papst A&NZ has published a ‘Best Practice’ guide for EC plug fans being used in AHU applications.

The purpose of the guide is to outline the installation procedure and recommended practices in the use of electronically commutated RadiPac centrifugal fans (EC plug fans) in air handling units (AHUs).

In addition to detailed explanations of installation and commissioning, the guide covers:

  • wall and foot mounted applications and installation space
  • use of anti-vibration mounts (AVMs)
  • inlet and exhaust side guarding
  • power and control wiring, including suggestions for fire mode
  • troubleshooting a non-operating fan
  • check and maintenance schedule

EC plug fans provide a compact and high efficiency solution for air handling units. The high performance impeller, motor and electronics system are all optimally adjusted to one another, leading to an overall efficiency of well above 60%. A significant contribution to this efficiency is made by the external rotor design GreenTech EC motor.

This is a mains-powered, permanently-energised synchronous motor with electronic commutation. An important feature of these motors is the integrated variable speed drive (VSD) that allows for simple speed control, PI control with sensor input or MODBUS high level interface (HLI) connection over RS485.

The electronics and motor form one unit, which is a key advantage of EC plug fans over conventional fans. Not only does the singular unit feature save space, the reduced quantity of components required increases reliability and reduces installation time.

Request your copy of the guide via our website: http://www.ebmpapst.com.au/en/products/centrifugalfans/backwardcurved/radipac/ahu_guide/ahu_guide.php

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