What is EC Technology?

The ultimate EC Technology from ebm-papst

Making our mark: ''The ultimate EC technology''

EC is easy.
Permanent magnet motors running on high voltage direct current (DC) electricity with built in AC to DC conversion allowing them to run direct from single phase or three phase mains supplies. There are several suppliers of such motors.

So why choose ebm-papst Green Tech EC products?

EC technology is not new. Not to ebm-papst at least. We developed our first EC compact fan in 1965, 30 years before our competitors started to market their EC products and 15 years before environmental protection was even an issue. In this time we have improved, refined and extended the ebm-papst EC range into the universal, high technology and reliable product that it is today.

This means that ebm-papst EC gives you high performance, silent speed control and long life expectancy in a product which is the same size as the old, power hungry AC products it replaces.

ebm-papst EC products offer you:

  • stepless and infinitely variable speed control
  • fully integrated, mains input power supplies
  • compact motors making them fully interchangeable with AC products for retrofit
  • fully sealed electronics

Having successfully integrated our advanced electronics into the motor, we realised that it would be a waste to only use it for turning the motor. Our large motors have full programmable networking capability for integration with BMS systems or can be individually programmed with a PDA connected via Bluetooth.

Constant volume or constant pressure functionality is easily achieved with the connection of one simple sensor or, in some cases, without any external sensors at all. Silent, infinitely adjustable speed control can be as simple as connecting a potentiometer to the motor. Commissioning becomes simplicity itself.

Why use ebm-papst EC technology?
It is more efficient, quieter and more reliable than other EC products on the market giving better performance and a lower whole life cost. But if for no other reason, then because switching to EC technology will reduce carbon emissions by at least 30%.

Advantages of GreenTech EC technology

  • Tremendous energy savings of 30 % on average
  • Future-proof and ready for ErP2015
  • Intelligent electronics for numerous control functions
  • Hardware and software from a single source
  • Easy 1:1 replacement from AC technology to GreenTech EC technology
  • Can be used worldwide (due to wide voltage input)
  • Over 40 years of experience in the area of EC technology
  • GreenTech as implemented purchase proposition