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28 November 2016

EC fan upgrade at Balwyn IGA Steals the Show at 2016 AIRAH Awards

Sydney, November 2016. A major refurbishment at Boccaccio Cellars IGA in Balwyn, VIC was recently honoured with the HVAC&R industry’s main recognition, an AIRAH Award. The refurbishment saw the store footprint double in size, with a 60% increase in low temperature refrigeration sales capacity, and a 380% increase in medium temperature refrigeration sales capacity.

IGA Balwyn Supermarket Fan Upgrade
ebm-papst EC fans on top of the Bocaccio Cellars roof

This expansion made space for a butcher, baker, green grocer, a 40-foot cheese cabinet, delicatessen section, and a wine cellar hosting over 3000 labels, unveiled in October 2015.

Refrigeration Innovation’s Dave Redden lead the project, focusing on long-term solutions.

Tasked with the refurbishment of a supermarket into a high-efficiency, energy saving and future-proof store, Refrigeration Innovations were able to develop a system-based solution. Aware that the refrigeration system alone uses 60% of the store’s energy consumption, Dave Redden was careful in his product selection. With the assistance of EC fans from ebm-papst, Boccaccio Cellars was able to expand to 2400m2 while reducing their energy consumption by 20-30%.

Starting as a small family run Italian supermarket in 1963, Boccaccio Cellars quickly became a local institution for the people of Balwyn, in Melbourne’s East. Over time it has grown its range of offerings, attracting the attention of food and wine lovers from across the country. Now the independent supermarket is a leading wine merchant in Australia. In 2014, operated by the next generation, Boccaccio Cellars began the process of refurbishment of the store, aiming to expand store size and reduce energy consumption.

Given the residential location of Boccaccio Cellars, reducing noise was a key factor in fan selection. In addition to their high efficiency, ebm-papst EC fans are comparatively quiet, in part due to their excellent blade aerodynamics. In the refurbishment of Boccaccio Cellars, improving efficiency and noise through technology was paramount. The retrofit of high-efficiency condensers and EC fan units resulted in large energy savings while keeping store-generated noise to a minimum.

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