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21 February 2016

Discovering the ‘Australian Way of Life’: intern Lukas’ time at ebm-papst A&NZ

18-year-old Lukas Schaefer has recently completed a two-month internship at the ebm-papst A&NZ head office in Melbourne. As a member of the ebm-papst Group, the Australian subsidiary tries to support young people in their quest to gain international work and life experience. Here is a summary of Lukas’ time in Australia.

Internship ebm-papst
Lukas in a meeting with the engineering team
Lukas and the engineering team at the ebm-papst A&NZ head office in Melbourne

“I arrived on Saturday night and already got to meet most of my colleagues at the “Ride Around the Bay” on Sunday morning. The company takes part in this ride every year to raise funds for Engineers without Borders, and I helped the Commercial Manager to support the riders with drinks and snacks at the halfway point.

On my first day in the office I was still very tired due to jet lag, but this didn’t last long. What was harder was the 10-hour time difference to my family and friends in Germany. When I was going to bed they were working and when I woke up in the morning they were having dinner. It was funny though to be able to finish work when in Germany it is just starting.

My new colleagues gave me a warm and very friendly welcome and I felt very comfortable from the first day until my last day. My tasks were very diverse. I mainly worked for the technical team and supported them in different tasks. One of my biggest responsibilities was the generation of operating manuals for locally assembled products. Another big project was the improvement of local assembly procedures. I also really enjoyed being able to work in assembly for a few weeks. It was very interesting to learn how to build products that you are working with in the office.

During my time abroad I also took the opportunity to discover Australia. I went on a lot of weekend trips around Melbourne. Of course I also visited the Great Ocean Road. It was amazing to see the big cliffs and take in the great view. I also got to visit New Zealand and Sydney. Having finished my stay here, I can now understand that Melbourne is said to be the most liveable city in the world.

I can say that my time here in Australia was one of the best times of my life. I learned a lot at work, improved my language skills, gathered countless new impression and also became more independent.

Thanks a lot to all the people here in Australia who spent time with me and contributed to making my stay an unforgettable one. I was often asked if I was feeling homesick, and even though I was missing my family and friends at home, my colleagues in the office gave me the feeling that I am a part of their family. Thank you for that!”

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