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11 February 2016

Pleasant climate in MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS paint shop

An air conditioning upgrade is helping to make work quieter and more pleasant for employees in the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team’s paint shop in Brackley, UK – and has reduced energy consumption by 64 percent.

ebm-papst Mercedes AMG Petronas
The energy consumption of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS paint shop in Brackley, UK has been reduced by 64 percent – thanks to EC fans from ebm-papst.
The RadiPac fans from ebm-papst in the air handling unit.

In 2015, the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team defended its Constructors’ World Championship, and Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg took first and second place in the drivers’ standings for the second consecutive season. Over 800 engineers, technicians and designers worked through the entire year at team headquarters in Brackley, UK, to achieve this success. Among the workforce are 15 employees from the paint shop. This group of employees enjoyed the benefits of an upgrade of the air conditioning system a few months ago which has transformed their working environment into a pleasantly cooled workspace quietly maintained by ebm-papst EC fans. The upgrade was also beneficial from a financial point of view. The air conditioning system at MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS now uses 64 percent less energy and will have paid for itself in just two years.

Prior to the upgrade in the team’s paint shop, the AC fans in the facility were difficult to control and the air flowed through the ducts too quickly, causing continuous background noise. To reduce the noise, staff closed the outlets. The consequence of this was a hot and uncomfortable environment especially in the summer months, even with the air conditioning system running at full power.

MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS turned to its team partner, ebm-papst, who had helped the team at the track with tailor-made cooling solutions for the race cars and the team garages in hot climates. ebm-papst replaced the paint shop AC fans with RadiPac EC fans, which are easy to adjust to the required speed. With a user-friendly fan control system installed as part of the solution, the building will be adaptable to changing conditions.

As soon as the retrofitting work was completed, the UK experienced one of the hottest weeks of the year – a real test for the converted air conditioning system under extreme conditions. “The feedback from the employees in the paint shop was very positive, because the system has a very pleasant cooling effect and is also very quiet,” said Robert Yeowart, Director Business Development & Logistics at MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS. “Not only that – now freshly painted parts dry more consistently.”

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