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13 September 2015

IGA store upgrades: power and noise savings and happy neighbours

The owners of IGA stores in San Remo and Balwyn turned a mandatory upgrade into a financial win. The installation of new condensers with AxiTop EC fans from ebm-papst proved to be a great success for two supermarket owners as well as the residences nearby.

EC Fan Upgrade supermarket
New efficient fridge cases fitted with ebm-papst EC motors
New efficient fridge cases fitted with ebm-papst EC motors

Dave Redden, Principal at refrigeration consultancy Refrigeration Innovations, was faced with the challenge of upgrading and extending two Victorian IGA supermarkets with condenser sets located close to local residences and a caravan park. Keeping tough noise requirements as well as the lifecycle cost of new capital equipment in mind, Dave not only wanted to reduce noise emissions but also boost energy efficiency to reduce his clients’ power bill, thereby turning this mandatory upgrade into a financial win for the store owners.

The brief
Refrigeration Innovations were asked to increase the store trading area footprint by almost double, and to replace the existing refrigeration units, which were very old and had been added on gradually over time. The project included the installation of an all-new refrigeration system consisting of display cases, condensers, cool room and plant equipment.

The upgrade
Installers MB Refrigeration carried out the upgrade over a 16-week period, mainly whilst the store was trading, with a few works carried out after hours.

The two IGA stores, IGA San Remo and IGA Balwyn, are now both benefitting from having upgraded to the latest Heatcraft WRC condensers with ebm-papst EC AxiTop fans. “The condensers fitted with the AxiTop passed with flying colours, proving not only superb performances at low noise levels, but also returning excellent energy savings, through linking the speed drives to a floating condenser pressure strategy” says Dave. The addition of the AxiTop diffusers decreased the power usage of the already efficient EC fans by another 8%. The motor replacement alone will generate savings of around $116 a year per motor.

Dave: “We have used the ebm-papst AxiTop fan motors fitted to Heatcraft condensers with great success. Both sites that have the condensers fitted to them have some degree of difficulty, as the plant decks were located in close proximity to residences, in one case a caravan park.

The refrigerated display cases and cool room evaporators have also been specified with ebm-papst EC motors and had doors supplied to their fronts. Dave said “the store reports very good energy savings across the board, especially using CO2 systems”.

Store owner Liam Keating of IGA San Remo is very happy with his power bills for a much larger store footprint, compared to another very similar footprint store in the group, the power bills are half for the new store, a saving of some $6,000 per month!

It is now planned to use the condensers on another upcoming project, “and [we] are confident of their performance” says Dave.

If you want to find out how this and other EC products from ebm-papst can help your bottom line, or simply make your neighbours happy, please contact Thomas Heine from EC Upgrades or visit http://www.ECupgrades.com.au.

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