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18 August 2015

Working with TAFE in the name of fan efficiency

ebm-papst A&NZ have recently provided Sydney’s Ultimo College with training units to support the school’s air-conditioning and refrigeration students. The units will help the teachers provide hands-on education on EC motor technology and its associated benefits.

TAFE teachers Greg Riach, Miroslav Capko andTom Totaro (from left) with student Rachel Hall and ebm-papst A&NZ Sales Manager Kunal Pental (right)

ebm-papst has been supporting hands-on learning at Ultimo College Sydney for some time. Miroslav Capko, teacher at Ultimo: “This is teaching in action – seeing the difference in power consumption between the AC and EC fans really makes a difference.”

The 2x2 bank of AC and EC fans illustrates directly how much power can be saved when the fans operate at part load. Miroslav: “Efficiency is a really important factor, and it shows how the in-built speed control of EC fans can help reduce energy use.”

On a broader level, head teacher Greg Riach explains that “we want to go with the times. Both Thomas and Kunal [ebm-papst Sales Managers] helped us keep up to date, and we can use these units for our Certificate III, IV and the Diploma courses.”

ebm-papst is committed to technical excellence and aims to supplement this by sharing information with education providers and industry wherever possible. ebm-papst A&NZ Sales Manager Kunal Pental: “Hands-on training is at the core of our own engineering practice, and we do it internally twice a year. It is great to see the emergence of a community of practice around hands-on training at TAFE, and the impression it leaves on the students.”

TAFE Ultimo in Sydney
Ultimo College, located near Central Station in Sydney’s CBD, is the largest TAFE college in NSW, offering over 700 courses. It currently offers certificates III and IV and a diploma in the fields of air-conditioning and refrigeration. In line with Sydney TAFE’s goal of real-world learning, ebm-papst is confident that the collaboration helps students gain industry-relevant skills that will benefit the industry at large.

What the future holds
For the coming months it is planned to deepen the knowledge on fan engineering and extend it to centrifugal training units. Further discussions are also planned around the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.

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