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08 July 2015

This Fan edition 13 is now available

The This Fan catalogue edition 13 has recently been published by ebm-papst A&NZ. It is available at your nearest wholesaler or will be shipped in the coming weeks. The publication is a short form catalogue directed at the replacement market, and therefore is intentionally brief.

EC Fan Upgrades
This Fan edition 13

Download your soft copy here.

Local Product
ebm-papst stocks many thousands of different fans and motors in Australia and New Zealand for the local market. The This Fan catalogue covers the products typically used in Australia and New Zealand.

Imported Product
There are overseas manufacturers’ products imported into Australia & New Zealand using our fans and motors, which we may not stock locally. Usually a locally stocked fan or motor will satisfactorily replace the original. As we have products for a wide range of different power supplies, when replacing components of imported product it is very important to check operating voltage and frequency as well as air flow direction.

Product Identification
Identification labels are located on all fans when leaving the factory; correct identification will make replacement an easy exercise. Here are some helpful questions for replacement fan identification:
1. What style of impeller does it have? Does it looks like a propeller (axial) or like a rotating drum (centrifugal or radial)?If the fan is an axial one, is the blade style straight (‘A’ blades), sickle-shaped (‘S’ blades) or a metal-plastic composite (HyBlade)?If the fan is a radial or centrifugal one, does it have few blades (backward curve centrifugal) or many blades (forward curve centrifugal)?

2. What type of blade material is used? It could be die-cast alloy, welded sheet steel, HyBlade composite plastic (axial) or plastic or aluminium sheet (radial).

3. What mounting style or housing is used? An axial fan could be a square or round wall plate, have a basket or flat grille or come without mounting. Similarly, a radial fan could come with or without housing, and the housing could have one or two inlets.

4. What motor does it have? It could be an AC or EC motor. In our catalogue we have identified all high efficiency EC products with green text and logo. EC fans can lower power consumption by up to 90%.

5. Which way does the air flow? If you have an axial fan, when looking at the rotor, does the air: blow in your face (airflow ‘A’) or blow away from your face, out over the mounting brackets (airflow ‘V’)? If it is a radial fan, the air flows at 90° angle to the motor.

6. What is the power supply? It could be single Phase (230V), three Phase (400V) or DC. If a capacitor is present it is a single phase fan.

7. What has it come off? For imported equipment we can only offer the closest alternative. Local equipment we need to know which brand it is. From this we may be able to work out what the model is.

8. What speed? You may not know this if the label has worn off, but it could be any of the following:
~2800rpm - 2 pole
~1440rpm - 4 pole
~960rpm - 6 pole
~720rpm - 8 pole

To locate your nearest wholesaler contact ebm-papst on (03) 9360 6400 in Australia or (09) 525 0245 in New Zealand or check our website.

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