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07 May 2015

Simon Bradwell Mentor of the Year Finalist in 2015 Women in Industry Awards

ebm-papst A&NZ’s Managing Director Dr Simon Bradwell has been announced a finalist in the 2015 Women in Industry Awards. The awards, now in their second year, recognise and reward the achievements of women (and their mentors and supporters) working within the mining, engineering, and manufacturing industries, and aims to raise the profile of women within industry.

Women in Industry Awards Finalist
Women in Industry Awards Finalist

The category “Mentor of the Year” recognises talented managers within organisations who have actively and successfully shaped the careers of others within the mining, engineering, manufacturing and process control and construction industries.

Simon Bradwell, MD at ebm-papst A&NZ
With the appointment of Simon as Managing Director of ebm-papst A&NZ almost 10 years ago, the company’s management approach changed. Now the company has 66% of the engineering team female and 50% of the leadership team female whereas in 2005 all these roles were performed by males. The current management has specifically employed women into the workplace and supported them with training and flexible working arrangements, enabling career success and family life. Training has involved both leadership and personal development programs as well as technical training such that female staff can achieve excellence in their field.

Over the last 8 years, the business has developed a corporate culture that is inclusive, people focused and with integrity. Having balance of sexes in the work force has fostered this and removed preconceived thinking of "male engineering" and centered the company on working together to improve every new product or service to be better than the previous one.
The management and the company are committed to the development of all its staff such that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Awards Night
The accomplishment of all finalists and the announcement of winners will take place at a ceremony at Sydney’s Ivy Ballroom on 25 June 2015.

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