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09 April 2015

ebm-papst A&NZ Finalist in 2015 Endeavour Awards

ebm-papst A&NZ are proud to announce being selected as a finalist in the 2015 Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards. The newly and locally developed AgriCool product range was nominated in the category ‘Australian Industrial Product of the Year’ and now has a chance to win the prize at the awards ceremony in Melbourne on 28 May.

Australian Industrial Product of the Year Finalist
AgriCool shed ventilation fans
AgriCool shed ventilation fans
AgriCool shed ventilation fans

The awards, now in their 12th year, celebrate the manufacturing industry’s many and diverse successes and inspire further innovation. The entries are evaluated by an independent and respected panel of judges drawn from industry and academia.

The product
The ebm-papst A&NZ AgriCool ventilation system ( www.agricool.com.au) has been specifically developed for the Australian poultry market. It can achieve power savings of over 75% and hence significantly reduce total running costs of broiler sheds. Retrofit trials have shown that the total number of fans used in a broiler shed can be reduced while at the same time providing higher air velocity for cooling.

Main benefits:

  • Low operating costs - up to 80% less power consumption at equivalent growing conditions
  • Air performance precisely matched to actual demand
  • Long service life and high reliability
  • Reduced fan numbers
  • No maintenance costs.

By speed controlling the fans, the airflow requirements can be accurately adjusted at any time to the changing conditions in the shed which dramatically lowers energy consumption and improves the grower’s control and security of the livestock.

This technology was developed in Melbourne and has, in its current format, not been used anywhere else in the world. The multifaceted project was developed by a cross-functional, local team and is a good complete business development case from market survey to product placement.

Three products are offered: tunnel ventilation fan, stirrer fan and destratification fan. More information can be found here.

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