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04 March 2015

Getting ready for the race in Melbourne – with support from ebm-papst

With the new Formula One season about to start in Melbourne, ebm-papst is proud to continue its Team Partnership with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, which has recently unveiled their new race car, the F1 W06 Hybrid.

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Figure 1: MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton unveiling their 2015 race car, the F1 W06 Hybrid
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2015 marks the second step in the evolutionary process for the cutting-edge technical regulations introduced to Formula One in 2014. But the more stable the rules, the more innovative a team must become to deliver performance from each generation of race car.

Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, confirms: “The workload this winter has been as great as ever. Where last year we were preparing for an all-new formula of racing, we are now faced with the big challenge of making the next step in our development. We have to focus on every detail if we want to build any advantage this year and that is what we have done.”

The partnership between MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS and ebm-papst
Paddy Lowe, MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Executive Director (Technical), appraised the partnership with ebm-papst, stating: ”We have a lot of experience with aerodynamics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and combustion engines but not in the specialised field of small high-performance fan cooling solutions. It’s great for us to work with ebm-papst who deal exclusively with cooling fans and therefore can take us straight to the important questions and the probable solutions. We are not in a business where we want to spend six months learning how to manufacture our own cooling fans. ebm-papst knows the answers and can design them. And that works perfectly for us.”

Off-board cooling fans
In conjunction with the team, ebm-papst has developed a highly specialised off-board cooling solution optimised for the sidepod radiators and roll-hoop of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS race cars which will be deployed when the car is on the grid and in the garage at all Grands Prix and test sessions.Ambient temperatures at Formula One races can reach up to 40°C with ambient on-car temperatures up to 75°C and an operating temperature of over 120°C for the sidepod radiators.

In order to achieve the optimal performance for the cars, ebm-papst has utilised their latest fan technology. For grid and parc ferme the sidepods and roll-hoop will be cooled with the new ‘S Force’ axial fans whose performance curves match the high back-pressure characteristics of the Mercedes system and provide a 518% improvement in delivered airflow.

When the car is in the garage, the sidepods and roll-hoop will be cooled via a larger low-noise forward-curved centrifugal solution where the motor and impeller have been integrated into a bespoke scroll housing to fit perfectly on the car for maximum performance and low noise in the garage environment.

The race in Melbourne
Wolff is looking forward to the start of the new season, saying that “this is an exciting time of year as our collective efforts all come together in the new car. We are excited to see how the car performs when it begins running. It will be another fascinating battle between our two drivers but we must wait until Melbourne until we know if we have provided them with a car that allows them to fight each other for wins.”

The 2015 Formula One season will kick off in Melbourne on Sunday 15 March. More information on ebm-papst development partnership with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS can be found here.

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