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02 May 2011

ebm-papst A&NZ opens up Centre of Learning

ebm-papst is now able to provide training in energy-saving and high efficiency technology. At the company's facilities in Laverton North, Melbourne, customers can find out more about operations such as general energy-saving, high efficiency technology and in particular EC technology.

ebm-papst A&NZ Centre of Learning
ebm-papst A&NZ Centre of Learning in Laverton North

ebm-papst has opened up its Centre of Learning at the company’s head office in Laverton North, Melbourne. Located in the western suburbs of Melbourne, the company showcases energy-saving and high efficiency fans and motors that are regulated through intelligent speed control technology.

At the ebm-papst A&NZ Centre of Learning customers can find out more about operations such as general energy-saving, high efficiency technology and in particular EC technology. Training in the latest motor or air movement technology is possible, which is aimed at displaying how innovative impeller design can increase energy savings and reduce noise.
Fundamentals on speed control and programming are another aspect that the engineers at ebm-papst A&NZ can teach about.
Furthermore, the training sessions can give people the opportunity to obtain CPD accreditation.

The Learning Centre is open people from various backgrounds, including product design engineers who use air movement systems in their designs or engineering consultants who want to manage efficient HVAC projects. It is also a source of training for installation engineers and HVAC contractors, as well as Building Management System specialists.

ebm-papst is committed to providing energy-saving and sustainable technology. Therefore, the company puts emphasis on helping their customers understand efficient technology, e.g. by showing how good blade design can effect performance. ebm-papst can also provide information about high performance impellers, driven by a permanent magnet motor as well as EC plug fans that are used in air-conditioning and ventilation applications. The engineers at ebm-papst can train people in integrating EC fans as a part of their high-level system control by showing how to communicate through technologies like BACnet and ModBus RTU to the fans.

Training in analogue speed control is provided through the use of worked examples and hands-on products where temperature sensors and Carbon-di-oxide sensors are used. One can also learn how to set up digital control through RS 485 by using EC Control software which enables continuous real-time monitoring of speed, power, current and temperature. The company also exhibits a fan which is speed controlled through a PDA with Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, ebm-papst A&NZ’s fan control software Fan Clone helps to configure and program multiple fans.

People who are interested in the new ebm-papst A&NZ Centre of Learning and would like to receive training in energy-efficient motor and air movement technology or obtain CPD certification should contact the head office on Phone: (03) 9360 6400 or sales@ebmpapst.com.au.

Find the video introduction here.

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