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07 August 2014

Wakefield House EC Fan Upgrade Adelaide

The iconic Wakefield House Building in Adelaide, South Australia, was suffering from poor fan installation, and as a result, was not delivering airflow as per the National Construction Code (NCC). A two-step retrofit program was undertaken.

The iconic Wakefield House Building in Adelaide
The iconic Wakefield House building in Adelaide
Kevin O'Reilly, Director of System Solutions Engineering

The first stage involved retrofitting a direct drive EC plug fan in place of the belt driven dual inlet backward curved blower on a single floor. Some changes to the surrounding air handling unit construction were also made. The changes allowed for more laminar airflow over the heating / cooling coils and reduced air 'patching', increasing cooling capacity and airflow. Additionally, the implementation of the new fan reduced power consumption by 50%.

This then lead to the South Australian Government Department for Treasury and Finance providing immediate funding to implement the progressive roll out of the remaining 18 floors.

Power measurements were taken before and after each upgrade, and the measurements logged for reference. After 2 years in operation, a recent site evaluation has confirmed that power savings for the building are at 194,000kWh per annum, equivalent to 132 tonnes of CO2-e.

This is an example of a successful retrofit rollout where savings were both predicted and delivered where other projects fail to achieve the latter.

ebm-papst A&NZ have produced a video in which Kevin O'Reilly, Director of System Solutions Engineering and Simon Bradwell, MD of ebm-papst A&NZ, explain the process in more detail. Watch the video on Youtube

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