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05 October 2014

Latest developments in fans for HVAC&R applications

ebm-papst manufactures energy-saving fans in various configurations for a range of applications and has recently added new products for the HVAC&R industry to its portfolio.

The new generation of EC axial fans
The new generation of EC axial fans.
The energy-saving fan specially developed for use in evaporators.

ebm-papst has introduced a new range of fans for refrigeration technology. Among the products is the new EC axial fan series with diameters of 400 to 910 mm. The series is built around two new EC motors. A combination of improved motor cooling and the use of the latest materials have made it possible to increase power density further. The modular construction of the motor and electronics enables a power range of 250 W to 1.3 kW in single and three-phase configurations.

ebm-papst has also developed an energy-saving fan purpose-built for use in evaporators, with especially high reliability and long service life. The fan has been designed as a complete unit, which helps it achieve a higher degree of overall efficiency than standard solutions made up of individual components. Aside from the GreenTech EC technology, it is above all the HyBlade impeller, with its aerodynamically optimised blade geometry, that is decisive in achieving the high overall efficiency. This configuration is available for size 300.

Another product development for the first time is the EC medium-pressure axial fan, a fully assembled and therefore installation-ready combination of housing, impeller, EC motor and control electronics. The blades of the axial impeller can be adjusted when at standstill, a unique feature on the market when combined with the GreenTech EC motor. The fan system is available in outside diameter sizes of 1120, 1250, 1400 and 1600 mm. The fans are used wherever high airflows must be conveyed against medium pressures. Typical applications include heat exchangers and cooling towers, but also evaporators like those found in industrial food production.

When it comes to efficient refrigeration technology in supermarkets, energy-saving fans are indispensable. ebm-papst now offers a range of different configurations here. The latest solution is the handheld operating device. It enables the two pre-set speed levels for the energy-saving fans to be easily adjusted or reprogrammed with the help of a user-friendly navigation menu. The product offer in this area is completed with the proven iQ² motor family for 1:1 replacement in existing refrigeration and freezer units.

ebm-papst manufactures energy-saving fans in various configurations for a range of other applications in ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning, such as condensers, heat pumps, fan coils, floor convectors, switching cabinet cooling and HVAC systems. They offer impressive benefits in terms of compact dimensions, quiet running and high efficiency.

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