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07 July 2014

EC technology for the medium pressure range

With its new EC medium pressure axial fan, world market leader ebm-papst presents a completely assembled, configured and ready-to-install package including housing, impeller, EC motor and control electronics.

EC medium pressure axial fan
EC medium pressure axial fan

Its distinguishing feature: in addition to energy savings, the number of blades and the blade angle can be matched to the required operating point.

The blades are made of corrosion-resistant aluminium and are directly attached to the rotor via a sturdy aluminium hub. If the desired operating point is outside the standard range, the blade angle can be adjusted to the operating point at the factory for optimum fan operation. The extremely compact impeller-rotor unit is dynamically balanced in two planes for high balance quality and low vibration. An integrated nozzle on the intake side boosts the fan's efficiency and prevents noise emissions.

The extras needed for conventional AC motors with frequency converters, such as sine filters, shielded cables, grounding and motor protection, are superfluous with modern EC motors. With GreenTech EC technology, the system is comprised of motor, impeller and integrated electronics that take over the function of a frequency converter for speed control that matches requirements. The fan's speed can be controlled via a 0-10 V interface, PWM or Modbus RTU and its stator design and soundless electronic commutation ensure smooth operation. Options include a terminal box that is mounted on the outside of the housing and a rugged, galvanised guard grille for the intake or the pressure side, depending on installation position.

Its air flow ranges from 42,000 m³/h to 86,000 m³/h. Pressures of up to 670 Pa can be achieved. Performance parameters provided by ebm-papst are always based on measured values. For planners, that means the fans deliver what they promise on paper. And of course these fans easily meet the minimum efficiency requirements of the ecodesign directive for fans (EU 327/2011). A further benefit is that the fan can be flange-mounted on either the intake or the pressure side. The housing of galvanised sheet steel meets the corrosion protection requirements of DIN EN ISO 12944 Class 5.

The new product line will be available in sizes of 1120, 1250, 1400 and 1600 mm. These fans are used wherever high airflow is needed against medium pressure, such as in cold storage facilities or tunnel freezers in the food industry. The EC medium pressure axial fans are also used in renewable energy to cool the air in the towers of wind power plants and for process cooling in many production processes.

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