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03 June 2014

ebm-papst Group stronger than ever

Powered by innovation, the leading supplier of fan and motor technology increases sales by more than 10% to €1.5 billion.

ebm-papst Group

The ebm-papst Group, the world market leader in fans and motors, continues to pursue a successful course with a double-figure increase in sales. At the close of the fiscal year on 31 March 2014, the sales revenue of the family-owned company based in Mulfingen, Baden-Württemberg, amounted to €1.501 billion. This represented a substantial growth rate of 11.2% over the previous year (€1.349 billion) and meant that ebm-papst surpassed the global trend for their industry. Worldwide, the pioneers in energy efficiency and sustainability created 810 new jobs (+7.4%) and employed a total workforce of 11,701 at the close of the fiscal year.

Rainer Hundsdörfer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ebm-papst Group: "The key to our success is a high level of investment in research and development, recognising new trends and constantly promoting the development of new market standards to consolidate our global position as technological leader." Investing around 6% of turnover in research and development last year, the company developed and successfully marketed a whole range of innovative products in the fields of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, mechanical engineering, household appliances, automotive/transport and heating.

Focus on R&D – New developments set new standards
40% of ebm-papst's turnover comes from products developed in the last four years. Continuous innovation thus remains the focal point for the worldwide technology leader. In the past business year, ebm-papst invested just under €86 million (previous year €76 million) in research and development, thus increasing expenditure by 13.2%. At around 6% of Group turnover, the R&D quota is higher than the industry average.

Operating noise and efficiency are the principal physical parameters of fans. Consequently, the focal points of research and development work at ebm-papst are aerodynamics and aero-acoustics.

With the development of the FlowGrid® streamer, ebm-papst created a further milestone in fan technology. This innovation allows optimum fan operation irrespective of the installation situation in the customer's device. With this product-specific guiding of air flow, noise-increasing turbulences are completely avoided, making for a decrease in noise level of up to 3 decibels and as much as 12 decibels for background hum. "Acoustic environmental pollution" caused by ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning fans in residential and semi-residential areas is thus markedly reduced.

The same effect is achieved with the AxiTop® diffuser module for axial fans which reduces energy consumption by around 25%, at the same time bringing down the noise level by up to 7 decibels. Both these products have already been widely accepted in the air conditioning market for both industrial and residential buildings.

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