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22 April 2014

AxiTop now available as retrofit kit

The new AxiTop diffuser minimizes exit losse and increases efficiency and is now available as a pre-assembled kit, ready for retrofits on-site.

AxiTop diffuser
The AxiTop diffuser

In refrigeration and cooling installations, any residual heat created must be expelled to the surrounding air through heat exchangers. Fans therefore pump cold air through the heat exchanger to improve the heat dissipation. There is a whole range of options for designing and configuring especially efficient, quiet and durable fans. A new, passive component, the AxiTop diffuser, provides for a substantial improvement in efficiency and noise. Its pressure-boosting effect minimizes exit losses and makes it easier to adapt the fan to commercially available heat exchangers.

In order to further simplify the retrofit process, ebm-papst A&NZ now offers a complete retrofit kit solution. The kit comes pre-assembled and does not require any design changes at customer side.

The AxiTop can be retrofitted on ebm-papst axial fans in sizes 800 and 910mm.

The AxiTop retrofit kit contents include:

  • Outer and inner diffuser
  • Grille
  • Cover
  • Mounting brackets and screws
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