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27 February 2014

Free Air Flow Measurements at ebm-papst A&NZ

Do you have an air-movement device that you have problems with? Do you think you could improve the efficiency of your existing system? In April and May 2014 ebm-papst A&NZ is offering the use of their in-house test rig free of charge.

Air performance testing
Finding the best air movement solution for Australian businesses

Interested parties are invited to bring or send in their unit and ebm-papst air movement engineers will assist in configuring the best solution for the application.

The ebm-papst A&NZ test rig, located at their head office in Melbourne’s western suburbs, is used to determine the performance of the company’s fans in a client-designed application. Using this information the company works with their clients to develop innovative and efficient solutions.

The test rig is able to measure airflow from 100m3/h up to 20,000m3/h and pressure from 0-1000 Pa. This wide air performance range allows testing of compact fans of around 190-200mm diameter up to 630mm axial and centrifugal fans.

A wide variety of fans with different flow and mounting arrangements can be tested, including but not limited to in-line duct fans, wall plate fans and roof units. ebm-papst’s engineers are able to adapt customer units to develop product solutions with higher performance , higher energy efficiency and better sound levels.

In addition, ebm-papst A&NZ offers in-house design and development, including 3D modelling (SolidWorks), capabilities to handle fan assembly items up to 250kg as well as packaging, kitting and supply logistics systems.

If you are interested or want to know more, please call 03 9360 6400 or send an email to sales@ebmpapst.com.au.

Promotion period: 01. April-31. May 2014.

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