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20 January 2014

System efficiency leads to greater effectiveness

Supermarkets offer plenty of potential applications for fans, above all in chiller cabinets and refrigeration systems, which provides opportunities for saving energy. ebm-papst is now offering a complete range of energy-saving products for this sector, enabling improved system efficiency.

ebm-papst A&NZ is offering an efficiency kit for drop-in replacement in existing chiller and freezer cabinets

Chiller cabinets in particular are constantly running and therefore offer enormous potential for saving energy, for example through the use of GreenTech EC technology in the energy-saving motor (ESM). This achieves a motor efficiency of up to 70%, which reduces energy consumption to 1/3, meaning that this investment can pay for itself very quickly.

ebm-papst now has various configurations of the proven ESM in its product range. In addition to the standard configuration it is also available as a 24 VDC version with integrated 0-10 V interface for chiller cabinets with LED lighting. The interface enables the fan speed to be controlled according to requirements, which is important for system efficiency.

The iQ² family of motors completes the system efficiency kit for drop-in replacement in existing chiller and freezer cabinets with its four different operating modes. In the "two speeds" mode, for example, two factory-programmed speed levels allow for different day and night modes, enabling greater energy savings.

The AxiCool range of fans is ideal for use in cold-storage rooms and evaporators. Running down to a temperature of up to -40 degrees Celsius means that they can be used even at lowest temperature settings. With an air volume of 2,500 m³, using just one EC fan can save 55 W. When calculated over an entire year, that means AU$ 66 per fan (assuming an energy price of AU$ 0.20/kWh). The AxiCool fans already exceed the ErP requirements for 2015 and are available in 300, 350, and 450 mm versions.

The newest member of the system efficiency family in refrigeration technology is the AxiTop, the axial fan diffuser which has received numerous accolades across the world. The unit can also be retrofitted to heat exchangers and condensers and allows for energy consumption savings of up to 27%.

These are just a few examples of how innovative technology can be used to protect both the environment and the end user's wallet. Whatever the application in supermarket chilling, ebm-papst has the right fan solution to save energy and protect the environment.

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