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08 January 2014

Wear-free run-down brake reduces run-down time

Better safety and greater air flow with less turbulence and operating noise.

Photo 1 The new fan delivers improved safety with lower power consumption and operating noise

Modern high-performance fans run at high speeds; there is no other way to reach high flow rates and pressure increases. Bur rotating masses store energy, leading to an unavoidable increase in potential danger. To improve safety, fan specialist ebm-papst now supplies a new, aerodynamically superior alternative to safety grilles: the ActionBrake active brake built into the fan motor.

Whereas a standard fan needs around 20 seconds to slow down to a safe speed, the new brake can slow the rotor down to a safe speed in less than two seconds. The additional benefit: Grilles, negatively affecting airflow, are no longer used, so the fan can operate continuously at optimum efficiency. The wear-free brake works according to a simple, proven principle: The motor becomes a generator and the electrical energy it produces is converted into heat. For typical fans, this enables brake times of less than three seconds. The new braking solution offers a range of benefits: no need to install a safety grille, resulting in reduced noise, better performance and lower costs due to reduced power consumption.

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