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20 August 2013

LED Active Cooling Solutions

ebm-papst A&NZ is now able to offer LED cooling fans, or Active Cooling Solutions as typically known in the industry. The product was developed by ebm-papst USA in cooperation with LED light manufacturer Xicato.

LED Cooling
LED Active Cooling Solutions

Thermal management is a key factor that limits the lumen output and efficiency of an LED light source. While as much as 80 percent more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting, the LED components still create a considerable amount of heat. If this heat is not dissipated properly, the quality of light and life expectancy of the LED light source decreases dramatically.

In order to reach the desired lumen values in a small form factor, active cooling may be required to effectively dissipate the heat produced by the LED components. Active cooling technology offers thermal capabilities that are superior to passive heat sinks and can raise performance while reducing the size of the lighting fixture. With industry-leading German-engineered compact fans and American-designed assemblies, ebm-papst can provide the perfect cooling solution for your LED application.

One of the most significant advantages that ebm-papst fans have on the life of the LED light is due to the reliability of our products. With active cooling solutions far surpassing the 50,000+ hour promise the industry is accustomed to, an ebm-papst fan is now the LED light’s most efficient cooling source.

Benefits of using ebm-papst active cooling solutions

  • German-engineered compact fan
  • American-designed assembly
  • Approved reference design through Xicato
  • Life expectancy in excess of 87,500 hours at ambient temperatures up to 40°C
  • Industry-leading high reliability: 5 year warranty on the 612FL-698 fan Xicato modules (PG1W-12-60-M3BN and PG1W-12-60-L3BN)
  • 100% end-of-line testing
  • Low noise:
    • Custom acoustic isolation ring
    • Fan runs at 7dB(A) → A quiet office has a background noise of about 40 dB(A)
  • High efficiency motor design
  • Electrical input requires less than 0.18 Watts
  • Thermal protection: Thermal isolation ring
  • Mounting feature for PG1W-12-60-M3BN is the same Xicato reference design heatsinks (XSA-38)
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