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25 July 2013

A customised solution: CSR Edmonds and ebm-papst A&NZ

Close cooperation between manufacturer and supplier is the key to success when developing an application that meets and exceeds the end users expectations.

Martina Heine and the new ECOfan
Martina Heine and the new ECOfan
Axial fan W1G230

Australian ventilator design and manufacturing company CSR Edmonds and ebm-papst A&NZ achieved this by developing a fan solution that fits two applications, namely the AiroMatic, an energy-efficient ventilator for rooftop ventilation, and the ecoFAN for sub-floor ventilation.

The idea was to use the same fan, ebm-papst axial fan W1G230FB3410, for both applications. To make the fan suitable for each of them, a special wallring had to be developed. CSR Edmonds created the wallring design, which was a modification of the standard ebm-papst W1G230 wallring. ebm-papst Mulfingen then improved the design to ensure streamlined air movement.

The challenge
For their ecoFAN, CSR Edmonds used to buy the St Georgen motor type VD-1-54.14 and combined it with their own, relatively inefficient, plastic impeller. The customer then decided to redesign this unit to make it more efficient. Low voltage DC power supply was a must, to allow easy installation in the home without the requirement of a licensed electrician. A few months later this project was merged with the development of the AiroMatic.

Product development process
The project originally started in 2010. Back then ebm-papst was not able to provide a suitable motor. One year later, the required technology had become available.

After further discussions, ebm-papst A&NZ and CSR Edmonds worked closely together in developing a customised wallring that fits the two different products (ecoFAN and AiroMatic). Regular meetings between the R&D Team at CSR Edmonds, ebm-papst salesman Garth Hurtz and Technical Manager Martina Heine enabled a quick turnaround of the project. It only took just over a year from start to finish, including the setup of special tooling. The close communication between all parties in Australia plus R&D in Germany was essential for the success of the project.

The AiroMatic is a rooftop ventilator that was developed to meet the cooling and moisture control needs of residential homes. It is the first in its class that has been developed using advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software. Using the software enabled the client to achieve a higher airflow rate with reduced noise output at a higher efficiency. The size is smaller compared to standard rooftop ventilation units.

For the end user it means that the availability of temperature proportional variable speed or three selectable fixed speeds allow the right amount of airflow at all times - at constant high efficiency. This is due to the ebm-papst GreenTech EC fan: EC motors can be speed controlled without a loss of efficiency. This is particularly important for ventilation and air conditioning units. Most of the time, the outside air temperatures are below an extreme level, which means that users are largely using their ventilation units at speeds below the maximum operating point. But standard AC fans still use almost the same amount of power, no matter how high or low you have set the fan speed. ebm-papst EC fans are much more efficient, especially when used at less than maximum speed.

To improve sub floor air quality and reduce moisture levels beneath the floor, CSR Edmonds developed the original ecoFAN in early 2001. It is a ventilator that extracts damp air from domestic subfloors, helping to protect the house from mould and fungi growth, termites and odours. The recent developments were made to improve flow performance, noise output and efficiency. This was achieved with the switch to an aerodynamically optimized fan impeller by ebm-papst. The speed can be controlled in three steps, and users have the option of reversing the flow if they wish to convert the application into an air inlet ventilator.

What the future holds
The ongoing good relationship with CSR Edmonds had already been proven in the past - together ebm-papst A&NZ and CSR Edmonds have developed a number of customised products. It is expected that the good relationship will be continued in future projects. CSR Edmonds’ product developments usually require a special motor or fan, which in turn requires an expert in aerodynamics and drive systems to ensure the end customer receives a product with premium efficiency and reliability.

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