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25 June 2013

The new power of silence – Diagonal compact fan DV6300 for low operating noise and high pressure

Diagonal fans are ideal for applications with strict requirements regarding air performance and small installation space. At 83.5 dB(A), operating noise in the high-pressure range is about 8 dB(A) quieter than older models.

The new power of silence - DV 6300 diagonal compact fan
The new power of silence - DV 6300 diagonal compact fan

The new fans of the DV 6300 series from ebm-papst go a step further than their predecessors. Besides improved blower output, the fans with electronically regulated S-Force motor also offer additional functions such as temperature regulation, active motor cooling, closed loop PWM speed control, and constant speeds over wide input voltage ranges.

At 83.5 dB(A), operating noise in the high-pressure range is about 8 dB(A) quieter than older models at the same operating point. That is due to various factors, one of them being a flange with noise-optimised links. This is especially impressive considering that the scale of noise is logarithmic and 3dB(A) represents a typical halving of the audible noise. A reduction of 8dB(A) therefore represents more than a halving and a halving again of the audible noise.

The DV6300 fan series is particularly well suited for applications with high endurance loads, e.g. for motor frequency inverters and switch cabinets cooling, printing machines and heat exchangers. The fans are also highly suitable for the systems requiring multiple different operating conditions such as cooling air requirements of IT/telecommunications; for example base stations, servers, etc. or in power inverters for wind turbines.

Dimensions and performance
The fans have a diameter of 172 mm on the suction side, making them exactly the same size as the DV 6200 range. On the pressure side, the aerodynamically revised design has a diameter of 190 mm and an installation depth of 51 mm. The free-blowing air flow is up to 1100 m/h3, the pronounced pressure saddle is up to 750 Pa. With an efficiency of 85% for complete motor and electronics, the 350W motor is configured for a long service life at nominal output in all components. Benefits & properties at a glance▪ Higher air performance up to 1100 m³/h or 647 CFM▪ Extremely broad operating range with a high pressure saddle curve▪ Very high reliability despite the ultra high performance levels seen with the DV6300TD▪ Up to 8 dB(A) lower noise level at the same operating point▪ Significantly lower rotational speed▪ Innovative impeller: diagonal impeller with overlapping blades, aerodynamically and acoustically optimized▪ Active engine cooling via air disc for high output▪ High-efficiency S-Force motor▪ Innovative electronics with increased performance in the pressure saddle curve▪ Sturdy design due to 7 noise-optimized struts and a metal flange▪ Higher IP protection classes up to IP 54, with reduced air performance, are possible

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