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03 June 2013

Green Day Round Two - ebm-papst to go green all around the world on 5 June 2013

After a great success of last year’s ‘Every Day is a Green Day’ campaign, which travelled across 40 ebm-papst subsidiaries around the world, round two is coming up on Wednesday, 05 June.

Energy efficiency
Kirstin Hughes (Production & Warehouse Manager) informing staff about our energy use over time
Car Pool to work

As part of this international campaign, which was started by trainees in ebm-papst’s German headquarters in Mulfingen, all employees do their part for a greener future and demonstrate their everyday contributions to the environment. 5 June also coincides with the United Nations World Environment Day, which gives another reason to raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainability.

All activities will be published in a blog: www.greenday.ebmpapst.com, with the option to comment or follow via other Social Media channels.

ebm-papst A&NZ have organised a range of activities for all staff in their Melbourne location, with additional actions taking place in their Sydney and Auckland offices. The activities take place across a range of environmental areas, such as materials and waste (default duplex printing, switch to recycled paper), transportation (car pooling), food (a vegetarian BBQ for all staff), and energy (Halogen with LED replacement).

Rainer Hundsdörfer, Chairman of the Managing Directors of the ebm-papst Group, praised how the trainee's idea had been implemented: "We have been achieving success with our products and their manufacturing processes for a long time now with our GreenTech philosophy. We have used our 'Every day is a GreenDay' employee campaign to really drive home the issues surrounding environmental protection. We are also actively working on those areas of policy where we are not yet in agreement and we are making progress."

ebm-papst will be continuing with its GreenDay initiative to ensure employees gain a lasting understanding of the important issues at stake. This year, the emphasis was on making results visible and measurable. ebm-papst A&NZ have calculated their energy-saving initiatives started in August 2012, and have already saved around 2,400kg of CO2 equivalent.*

A recently undertaken energy audit has identified additional potential savings of 20% off the company’s total energy consumption. Peter Brodribb, Managing Director of independent consulting firm Expert Group, said after his audit: “ebm-papst is already well on the way towards having an energy-efficient site, with good EE culture, awareness and infrastructure.”

*Deemed values top-down approach used because of unknown business attibutes. NGA Emissions factor 1.444 per kWh in kg CO2-e. Source: EPA Victoria 2011, Carbon Down. Guidelines for Measuring Carbon Emissions in Small and Medium Enterprise Programs.
See also: State Government of Victoria 2002, Energy And Greenhouse Management Toolkit, Module 3, Calculating Energy Use And Greenhouse. Victoria has the highest figure as its electricity comes from burning brown coal—the most greenhouse-intensive energy type.

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