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19 March 2013

Making something good even better - The new RadiCal centrifugal fan series

ebm-papst's development philosophy follows the philosophy that each newly developed product must surpass its predecessor in terms of economy and environmental responsibility. The new low-pressure centrifugal fan series, RadiCalĀ® is a proof of this. It is primarily used in applications involving ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

ebm-papst EC RadiCal centrifugal fan comes in sizes between 133mm to 630mm.
ebm-papst EC RadiCal centrifugal fan comes in sizes between 133mm to 630mm.

The complete RadiCal® series using EC technology includes diameter sizes from 133 to 630mm. A simple, mechanical 1:1 replacement of existing AC solutions is possible using EC technology thanks to identical dimensions for most sizes. Increased energy efficiency, continuous open loop speed control and high power density are part of the package, with short installation times.

Speed control
RadiCal fans can be speed controlled using 0-10V; sizes 280mm and above are also equipped with MODBUS. The motor’s improved thermal management guarantees extremely high efficiency and ensures high IP protection.

The impeller made of high-quality composite material provides high mechanical strength and resistance to ambient influences. In addition, using composite materials allows optimum flow regulation. This avoids turbulence and flow separation, resulting in increased efficiency and extremely low noise.

High efficiency surpassing all standards
RadiCal fans already far surpass the minimum legal requirements for electrically powered fans. The Eco-design Directive 327/2011 EU stipulates the minimum efficiency level for new fans on the market driven by motors with an electric input power of more than 125 watts. Their efficiency already surpasses the new MEPS industry standard for electrically powered fans.

Application areas
In addition to traditional applications in ventilation and air-conditioning technology, RadiCal fans are used in heat pumps, home ventilation with heat recovery, clean room ceilings and roof fans.Image 1: ebm-papst EC RadiCal centrifugal fan comes in sizes between 133mm to 630mm.

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