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28 February 2013

New double centrifugal blowers – high-performance for commercial vehicle air-conditioning

Integrated electronics enable demand-oriented control of air volume at small size.

EC centrifugal blower
New GreenTech EC double centrifugal blower with long service life for commercial vehicle air-conditioning

The new, reduced-weight fans are based on the innovative ebm-papst GreenTech EC technology, and work with very high efficiency. The integrated electronics enable an accurate, demand-oriented control of air volume for the passengers of the respective vehicles and an efficient use of the climate control system. The user has, as previously, the option of controlling the blowers via linear voltage and pulse width modulation. Optionally, they can also be activated via LIN bus. New in these blowers is the electronics protection, which has been increased by adding another level. They now, with the IP 6K9K type of protection, withstand the impact from high-pressure washers. The blowers fulfil all the demands of rough ambient temperature such as heat, dust and extreme weather changes.

In this double centrifugal blower, a new commutation technique is used for the first time. With it, unwanted engine vibrations, particularly at low speeds, become a thing of the past. Through the new derating system, the power input of the fan is always adapted so that at any time a reliable operation is possible, even at high ambient temperatures. This prevents a shutoff of the fan from overheating and a resulting malfunction of the system. Of course, the new fans are already approved in accordance with the new EMC directive ECE-R 10.

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