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19 December 2012

Dynamic EC motor with integrated control

Modular systems for drives in the lower power range allow optimum configuration for the application without the need for complex and cost-intensive modifications.

electrically commutated internal rotor motor of size 63 (ECI 63)

In order to expand the range of products available to the user with a combination of modules, ebm-papst St. Georgen is now offering its electrically commutated internal rotor motor of size 63 (ECI 63) in conjunction with an integrated K4 control system. This includes a compact, sine-commutated power output stage which can run the motor down to standstill using a field-orientated control module. In addition, the control system also features several analogue and digital I/O interfaces for speed and position controllers, including stop controller with torque (current) limitation and for fast changes between different, predefined operating states. Moreover, it also has the option of straightforward parameter programming and of a firmware download via a serial interface (RS485). The motors are available in three versions from 150 to 400 W, depending on the power required. The package lengths are 20, 40 and 60 mm.

The efficiency of the motors is approximately 90%. Gearbox, brake and encoder modules complete the modular system.

The compact tailored drive is especially suitable for use in industrial automation, for conveyor, warehouse and sorting systems and as a positioning drive. The optional torque limitation in the control system can be employed for both winder and coil drives (e.g. in the textile industry) and also in laboratory technology for pumps or lifting and positioning units.

Find out more about the new ECI 63 here.

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