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25 October 2012

ebm-papst finalist in AIRAH Awards 2012

ebm-papst A&NZ have been nominated finalist in the prestigious Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) Awards in two categories, providing Excellence in Sustainability and Innovation.

The new EC RadiCal centrifugal fanand the ESM energy-saving fan with wallring made from biomaterial.

The annual AIRAH Awards recognise outstanding achievements in the Australian HVAC&R industry. In 2012, AIRAH will again acknowledge excellence at a national awards presentation dinner.

ebm-papst A&NZ have submitted entries in two categories: Excellence in Innovation and Excellence in Sustainability.

Excellence in Innovation
The EC RadiCal centrifugal fan range is a finalist in the category Excellence in Innovation.

ebm papst developed the new EC RadiCal centrifugal fan series for use in air-conditioning and ventilation technology systems. This new generation of fans is very energy-efficient in operation with a dramatically reduced noise output. The basis for this is provided by the harmonious interaction of the air movement in fan impellers with the motor and electronics. EC RadiCal fans provide significant energy savings in comparison to traditional AC technology. The optimised geometry in the impellers improves the efficiency while simultaneously reducing the noise level. In addition, the compact design enables easy replacement of conventional AC technology without any design changes in the end device.

ebm-papst has achieved a breakthrough in noise reduction by decreasing the sound pressure level of the main harmonics by 11dB. This means that the peak in blade passing frequency has been reduced significantly. The main harmonics are usually removed from noise performance data provided by many fan manufacturers in the market due to their high intensity. This new product now removes the noise issues associated with backward-curved fans and is a significant achievement within the product group.

The dramatic reduction in carbon footprint, the recyclability of the materials used and its simple controllability suggest that there is no better product for the environment in these types of applications in Australia.

Excellence in Sustainability
The new ESM biomaterial fan was selected a finalist in the category Excellence in Sustainability.

ebm-papst has developed the first fan housing made using WPC (wood-plastic composite) materials, extending the company’s outstanding reputation for implementing environmentally sustainable technology. Developed in accordance with strict industrial standards, the fan offers exceptional performance longevity combined with high durability, stability and an excellent tolerance to thermal fluctuations. Additionally, the biomaterial offers innate resistance to corrosion.

The ebm-papst ESM fan series offers high efficiency throughout a long service life and a significant decrease in energy consumption. The ESM is typically used in refrigeration systems, such as refrigerated and freezer cases or in condensing units.

The material is an absolute innovation in the ventilation industry. Available resources are used in a sustainable way, i.e. less non-renewable materials are used to manufacture high-quality, efficient and long-lasting products.

The winners will be announced at the national AIRAH Awards presentation dinner on 8 November in Brisbane.

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