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21 May 2012

Simon on Handshaking and Speed Control

In his newest video, Simon presents the advantages of speed control for fans and the necessity of "handshaking" between fan and controller. Handshaking enables you to achieve optimum performance and energy-efficiency.

ECI 42 drive
SImon explaining the benefits of handshaking.

Speed control of fans offers many advantages, e.g.

  • it reduces power
  • it reduces noise
  • it gives the performance needed

But because fans don't always obey fan laws, we need to "hand-shake control fans". This means that if we ask the fan to run at 50% speed then we would like the fan to tell us that it is doing 50% speed.

This is easily achieved using MODBUS RTU control of EC fans. This RS485 communication protocol allows full communication between the fan and the controller such the controller always knows the performance of the fan and indeed if the fan has a fault then the controller knows this as well. This is by far the best way of controlling fans and reduces their power consumption.

Watch the video here.

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