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17 February 2012

Communication via MODBUS RTU – hand-shaking connections

MOBDUS RTU is established as the Australian and New Zealand standard system for controlling actuators and sensors due to its open and simple protocol. ebm-papst A&NZ offer a wide range of Green Tech EC fans and motors that support this interface by default.

Combined with numerous programmable logic controllers approved and available in the market, this makes it very easy to solve automation tasks in shopping centres, retail outlets, commercial buildings and telecoms and data situations. This is how it can be done:

Communication on three levels
MODBUS RTU is the ideal basis for data transfer, in order to integrate ebm-papst EC technology in open and closed loop control processes.

Primary Level - BACNET
This is the level at which all data runs together into the heart of the monitoring and control. Commonly this is the high level building control system.

Field automation level – BACNETto MODBUS
This is the control centre for application areas such as chillers, condensers, air handling units etc. Each of these systems has PLC (Logical Controllers) which will hand shake with the field level products.

Field level – MODBUS hand shake control
Field level controllers talk directly to EC Green Tech fans to ensure optimum system performance as directed by the primary level building control system. Hand shaking control with MODBUS RTU allows detailed control of fans as well as feedback and power monitoring information.

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