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17 February 2012

CAREL Control technology for ebm-papst GreenTech EC fans

Increasing market demand has increased the whole range of control possibilities offered by 100% controllable GreenTech EC fans being installed in third party products.

The combination of GreenTech EC motor and external control technology is based on fans with a power input of 500 watts or more which are equipped with MODBUS RTU.

As an approved controller, the CAREL solution is based on programmable controllers (pCO sistema) using the 1tool© development environment.

This on one hand guarantees the possibility to continually improve the technological aspects of the HVAC/R units, keeping up to date with advances in the state-of-the-art, while on the other ensures maximum protection of company know how.

CAREL’s know how, acquired in more than 35 years of specific experience in HVAC/R, is synthesised in a complete library of functions, from the simplest to the most complex, all ready to use. These functions are used to develop complete solutions based on a flexible architecture made up of controllers, accessories and user interfaces. The collaboration between CAREL and ebm-papst led to the development of a specific function, to easily integrate in the control solution into the management of the fans through serial communication: this function is already tested and optimized to reduce the development time of applications that can use the information picked up from the fan to obtain the optimum management of the whole unit.

Find more information on www.carel.com

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