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16 December 2011

New GreenTech EC axial fan impresses with high efficiency

Mechanically compatible with the predecessors with AC motors: The new axial fan works with much lower power loss.

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Air performance measured in accordance with ISO 5801 installation category A

In fan technology today, attention is focussed on maximum efficiency to enable devices used in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology to work as energy-efficiently as possible. Against this background, there is no alternative to EC fans, which compared to AC variants (these are still used a lot) work with much lower power loss.

ebm-papst is setting new standards with the EC compact fan W1G130 (Figure 1). The compact axial fan with GreenTech EC motor is mechanically compatible with its AC predecessors and is used primarily in applications for control cabinet cooling or in other cooling applications such as bottle coolers or refrigeration furniture. It needs up to 60% less input capacity than its AC predecessor (Figure 2). For the consumer, that means that the changeover will have paid for itself within a year.

The new EC compact fan W1G130 is based on the tried and tested ESM motor technology with 2 speed stages which can be switched according to requirements. This enables further energy savings to be made, increasing the overall efficiency of the application even further. The two programmed speed stages have been selected to cover the air performance of the two earlier AC predecessors, representing a further benefit for the customer. But the new GreenTech EC fan offers more than just that. With a protection rating of IP54 and reliable ambient temperatures up to +70 °C it is also superbly well suited to industrial applications. Wall ring and impeller are made of resilient, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, making additional corrosion protection unnecessary. The plastic material provides for a low weight. Aerodynamic optimisation measures on the impeller have kept noise development low.

All in all, ebm-papst Mulfingen has yet again made the GreenTech idea reality. This idea is based on the company's principle that every newly-developed product has to be better than its predecessor, not only technically, but also economically and ecologically.

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