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07 September 2011

EC motors for energy-efficient air movement technology

The ultimate EC technology - ensuring economic success of our development partners’ and customers’ applications


When developing ebm-papst EC motors and fans, the economic success of our development partners’ and customers’ applications stands in the foreground. The goal is to be able to offer end products that simply save costs. And energy efficiency is one of the most direct ways there! For example, EC motors in fan units with integrated commutation electronics offer a high efficiency across the entire speed range, optimum noise characteristics with minimum installation complexity, and overall unmatched cost-effectiveness.

With the emblem "The ultimate EC technology", all ebm-papst customers can now point the way, even on the outside of their products. It is proof that they more than fulfill their duty with respect to environmental and economical requirements. Wherever energy is used, ebm-papst EC motors can provide 30% savings on average. And those aren't just words - it's a fact!

What is EC technology?
EC motors for fans consume on average about 30% less electricity than conventional AC motors - but what is an EC motor and what makes it more efficient?EC stands for Electronically Commutated which means it’s a fan with a permanent magnet motor (PMM). EC motors have been around for many years and are more efficient than AC motors because they use permanent magnets rather than induce a secondary magnetic field in the rotor.Since 1995, ebm-papst has pioneered the development of EC motors and fans, which can be connected directly to an AC mains supply rather than a separate DC power supply, making them easy to substitute for inefficient AC fans.

Benefits over traditional fan and motor technology:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Intelligent electronic control
  • No need for additional motor protection
  • Remote monitoring via ModBus

Why use ebm-papst EC motors?
We are not the only manufacturer of EC motors and fans but we have pioneered their development and firmly believe that we are the best in the market. More information on EC motors - including training videos - can be found on our EC Technology information pages.

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