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18 August 2008

HyBlade EC condenser efficiency

EC fans used in condenser applications can range in sizes from 450mm to 910mm.

EC fans used in condenser applications can range in sizes from 450mm to 910mm.

These are now available in sizes up to 630mm in new ebmpapst HyBlade composite technology as shown.

In condensers, a massive reduction in energy requirement can be achieved in two ways;

  • firstly by improvements of specific fan power
  • secondly by allowing floating head condensing pressure control as shown by Kroger(4).

An analysis of the performance of EC condensers is shown above, according to Giles (Propeller 21—ebm-papst). In this graph it can be seen how the noise, refrigeration performance, power and control features of the fan vary with each other.

The fan speed is controlled by a simple 0-10V control from the refrigeration or air-conditioning controller and the fan feeds back its performance into the refrigeration controller via a tacho or rs485 feedback loop.

This clearly shows the reduction in power consumption and noise available with EC condenser fans.

From the above chart of EC condenser performance, even if the fans we used at 80% speed on average throughout the year then 50% savings can be made. This is a massive overestimation of the performance requirement but let us translate that to power and carbon savings.

Changing from AC to EC condenser fans is a simple process as proven by existing users. A speed control line is required but not to have a controller in modern refrigeration circuits is very rare and therefore the application of the EC technology is easy.

The total savings available with EC condensers is 185,000 TWhr power savings or Green House Gas savings of 245,000 Mtonne CO2. This is a major contributor to Green House Gas targeted savings.

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