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01 September 2011

S-Force Axial fans in Telecommunications Cabinets

S-Force from ebm-papst St Georgen is a revolutionary new range of axial fans which provide more air duty than any other similar fans in the market.

Vodafone, Orcon slam ComCom ruling on telecom cabinets (Courtesy of National Business Review 26 July 2011)

DC compact fans are used in telecoms cabinets for a range of applications normallyassociated with cooling. For instance they can be used for direct cooling ofcomponentry or for cooling of the total cabinet installation.

A typical type cabinet application is shown in the picture.

ebm-papst engineers in Australia and New Zealand work with cabinet manufacturers toupgrade current models such that more cooling can be provided at the same footprintwithout sacrificing noise and efficiency. Control systems expertise is incorporated aswell as ensuring that local safety compliance are met.Typically this can provide cost savings with respect to existing equipment.

A change to the new S-Force model can be chosen for its ability to provide:

  • 25% more air volume per fan
  • Higher static pressure capability
  • No change to footprint of the fan
  • No change to control algorithm of the cabinet
  • More redundancy in the cabinet
  • Standardisation of cabinet designs globally

Strategically, S-Force fans provide higher air volume and pressure build up makingthem capable of handling higher heat loads – a requirement emanating out of thecabinets being able to work with a broader delivery bandwidth involving higherdensity of componentry as in the case of the new Telecom cabinets.

With a move to larger bandwidth promotion within telecommunication systems, thisfan has provided the ability for the cabinet manufactures to extend the range of theircabinets.

As a result of the improvement in performance and efficiency, S-Force fans ensurea longer life cycle of existing cabinets and the ability to use the fan for newergeneration models of cabinets enabling ebm-papst engineers to add innovation andvalue to their clients.

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