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01 September 2011

GreenTech EC compact fans - more performance, less power

EC compact fans are the new high performance, high efficiency replacement for standard shaded pole AC compact fans.

Using brushless, permanent magnet motor technology, the new ACi 4420 HHR EC compact fan provides:

  • 79% energy savings
  • Double lifetimes
  • 20% more performance

Comparison of the AC and new EC compact fans is shown in the table.
Here it can be easily seen that the ACi 4420HHR will pay for itself within 1 to 2 years.

Power savings such as these are very important in domestic cooling situations such as ventilation and refrigeration. Especially in refrigeration, the energy savings are paramount as,in the example above, the refrigerator does not have to remove the 100-130 kWh more of heat that the AC shaded pole product will generate in the cold circuit.

This means that the refrigerator will perform better
The performance comparison of the AC and EC compact fan product is shown in the figure. Here it can be seen that air flow at free air increases from 95 to 110 CFM. This means that the product gives more air for less power. In a roadside cabinet for instance where cooling is proportional to air flow, tThe cooling system will be 20% more effective while consuming 79% less power. This means that not only are the running costs of the system better but the installation costs are lower as current ratings are reduced. In summary, the ACi4420HHR means more performance with less power. This is a revolutionary new product for all AC cooling solutions.

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