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16 June 2011

Biomaterial fans - ebm-papst unveils world première

ebm-papst, specialist for motors and fans, is for the very first time publicly presenting fans made of biomaterials.


ebm-papst, specialist for motors and fans, is for the very first time publicly presenting fans made of biomaterials. The world market leader in energy-efficient fans has thus set another milestone in the field of environmental protection and conservation of resources.

Innovative wood-based composite materials: that is the characteristic feature of the new development.

Hans-Jochen Beilke, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of ebm-papst: "We are continually working on reducing dependence on raw materials whose reserves are dwindling, such as oil. That is the way to secure our future viability."

The global innovation "biomaterial fan" has been developed in accordance with the toughest of industrial standards, including with respect to service life, durability, stability and thermal fluctuation. The new fans benefit from improved damping characteristics and are resistant to corrosion even without being painted. Features such as antibacterial or easy-to-clean coating are also possible.

Hans-Jochen Beilke: "By working with materials in a way that conserves resources we can achieve substantial energy savings in operation and reduce our dependence on raw materials, plus we avoid considerable CO2 emissions during production."

For many years, ebm-papst has acted as a pacemaker in the field of energy-saving fans. This started with the market maturity of electronically controlled EC fans, continuing with the use of intelligent material characteristics and aerodynamic improvements in the fan vanes, and has now culminated in the resources-conserving choice of materials. ebm-papst thinks green.

"Energy-efficient fans have found their market. Demand for energy-efficient products has grown enormously. Our integrated GreenTech strategy has pushed the company's growth in sales revenue back into double-digit figures," explains Hans-Jochen Beilke.

ebm-papst's objective is for 15% of its product portfolio to employ sustainable biomaterials by 2015. The newly developed bio-fan, which has a sales potential of a million units, is the first major step in this direction.

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