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25 September 2017

Regulations on Fan Measures - NCC Section J

ebm-papst recently attended an AIRAH Future HVAC event, where Tom Balme of Energy Action presented on proposed fan and pump-system measures for NCC2019. Read more on the changes to NCC Section J.

ebm-papst A&NZ has received news of changes to NCC Section J on fan measures at recent AIRAH Future HVAC event. Energy Action presents strategies to build the 2019 NCC regulation at component level.

As a corner stone to these strategies, Energy Action is suggesting to use AS NZ S 12759:2013 as a fundamental standard by which fans used as products of incorporation in buildings (i.e. within HVACR products) are specified according to:

• “N”, where N is an efficiency value for 5 main standard fan types

• The ErF ventilation fan determination (Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative—Refrigeration and Ventilation Fans) Methodology Determination 2015) methodology provides the levels of attainment.

Further to ongoing discussions, it is expected that these changes will be implemented by 2019 and apply to all Australian buildings covered by the NCC.

The legislation referred to is available at https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2015L01712

Please also refer to the presentation in the Downloads section above, kindly provided for use on our website by Tom Balme of Energy Action.

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