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10 June 2011

EC technology in air-conditioners

Simon presents high-efficiency plug fans for air-conditioning applications and explains the advantages of EC technology.

SImon presents an EC plug fan in an air conditioning unit.

By comparing EC to MEPS and HEPS motors he shows that EC motors are 15-20% more efficient. Another advantage is speed control and ease of commissioning, resulting in energy savings of 50% at 80% speed.

An old belt-driven forward-curved fan inside an air-conditioning unit is used to illustrate the advantages of EC high-efficiency technology.

As an example for energy-savings of 50-60% Simon gives the replacement of AC belt drives with new EC plug fans in the Adelaide Supreme Courts building.

High-efficiency EC plug fan technology for air-conditioning units uses:

- backward curved fan technology
- direct drive systems
- EC, high-efficiency technology
- in-built, high-efficiency speed control

Watch the video!

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