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08 August 2017

Thomas Heine of ebm-papst A&NZ selected as finalist in 2017 CCN HVACR Leadership Award

The Sustainability Leader in HVACR award recognises the leadership demonstrated by an individual in pioneering or championing an outstanding initiative, project or program in sustainability or developing a sustainable product.

Brisbane Riverside Project

Thomas has been selected as one of three finalists in Climate Control News’ 2017 HVACR Leadership Awards under new category, Leader in Energy Savings and Sustainability.

Since commencing his work with ebm-papst in Germany in 2004, Thomas has worked passionately in developing the HVAC&R market for energy-efficient air-movement. Thomas has been the EC Upgrades Market Manager for ebm-papst A&NZ since 2016, championing energy-efficient EC products.

Thomas focusses on upgrades to existing building equipment, with cost-saving technologies from ebm-papst, benefitting end users, building owners, facility mangers and the environment. Based on the four largest EC upgrade installations between 2015 and 2016, Thomas’ work has reduced approximately 5,740 tonnes of CO2, and saved an estimated $980,000 in electricity bills for his clients over the lifetime of the fans, with a typical return on investment period of less than three years.

Thomas provides exemplary customer service. He is active in making on-site visits, resulting in a better understanding of the situation and system requirements, leading to optimised fan selection and project outcomes. As part of ebm-papst’s training approach, Thomas also facilitates training so that clients and their contractors are able to carry out installation, wiring and commissioning more easily.

Attending and speaking at conferences and events across Australia, Thomas has developed a strong reputation as a knowledgeable thought leader, encouraging consultants and businesses to recognise the capacity of EC products.

The event sponsor hopes “to provide the winner of this award with the incentive to keep being a champion in energy savings and sustainability.” Winners will be announced at the CCN Live event “Trade Talk 2017: The Way Forward” on August 24, 2017.

About EC Upgrades

EC Upgrades is a division within ebm-papst A&NZ which was established in response to the high energy consumption of HVAC equipment in a standard office building. HVAC accounts for approximately 67% of all energy consumption of a standard office building . Improving the efficiency of an office building’s HVAC systems can directly contribute to large energy-savings and improved carbon footprint. Older buildings often have fan systems which require extensive and expensive maintenance of fan belts and pulleys, bearings and impellers as well as contributing to high energy costs. By replacing old, inefficient, high maintenance fan systems with efficient and maintenance-free direct drive EC fans from ebm-papst, energy-savings of up to 93% can be achieved when speed control is used. EC fans have proven to be up to 70% more efficient than AC fans, with increased savings available through speed control.

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