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Combination of impeller, motor and control system

"The result is what matters" – this also applies to efficiency. After all, it is not just the efficiency of individual components which is decisive, but rather the result of their interaction. This is where RadiPac shines with its impressive statistics. Because for ebm-papst a fan is more than just an impeller, all components, including impeller, motor and electronics system, are all optimally adjusted to one another, leading to an overall efficiency of well above 60%.

Fan components

Top class RadiPac

The ebm-papst centrifugal fan from the RadiPac product range for use in AHUs is fitted with extra mechanical components in addition to the basic features mentioned to create a complete ready-to-install fan unit. "Spider" and "Cube" versions of the mechanical assembly are available. The spider type is the best alternative for smaller sizes as this unit can simply be screwed to the device wall. The cube design is the ideal choice for large and heavy fans. It is mounted on vibration-absorbing elements on the bottom of the device.

The name RadiPac is a combination of Radial referring to the centrifugal fan and Package meaning an assembly. The complete RadiPac fan is a ready-to-install, optimally designed functional unit which is easy to handle, easy to fit and easy to operate. Simplicity itself: The all-in-one solution – Plug & Play.

Production accuracy

Figure 2: The accuracy classes define production-related deviations from fan performance data. Accordingly the RadiPac product range attains Class 1. Analysis is based on performance measurements on 6,953 fans.

At the end of the production process, all RadiPac fans are checked in the as-delivered condition for any performance deviations. This quality assurance procedure involves recording all the electrical performance data and confirming compliance with the permissible manufacturing tolerances. Based on a size 500 RadiPac fan, analysis shows that ebm-papst attains accuracy class 1 (Fig. 2). For air handling unit manufacturers, this means that the figures given for the fan in the catalogue and Product Selector must not differ from the actual drive performance by more than 2 % and from the total efficiency by more than 1 %.

As good as it gets

ebm-papst can always be relied on to provide the correct values because what we measure and supply is the minimum configuration of a complete, ready-to-install fan assembly consisting of high-performance impeller, EC motor and control electronics. As these components are optimally matched, it is possible to achieve static total efficiency levels well in excess of 60 %. These levels have been measured and entered in the Product Selector. Far higher figures quoted by other suppliers are always open to question.


The ebm-papst RadiPac plug fan range
Figure 3: The ebm-papst RadiPac plug fan range

ebm-papst RadiPac fans are THE compact, efficient, user-friendly, sustainable all-in-one solution for air-handling units (Fig. 3).

Realistic performance specifications: The performance data of the entire fan is continuously measured by means of the components: high-performance impeller, GreenTech EC motor and electric control system.

Effective logistics: A single RadiPac part number includes all components required for your ventilation demands.

Simple commissioning: All features necessary for operation are already installed and adapted to one another.