Telecommunication and Data Centre cooling

IT hardware including network technologies, routers, data storage technology, servers/mainframes and much more. Computer and office technology including phone system cooling (mobile and landline), phone exchange cooling and Data Centre cooling.

Reliable and energy efficient communication systems performance

ebm-papst EC technology for telecommunications and Data Centre cooling.
ebm-papst EC technology for telecommunications and Data Centre cooling.

Providing customer-specific designs and performance and energy-optimized solutions comes naturally to us. We design and develop our products with the goal of giving our clients the greatest possible benefits of reliability and performance. ebm-papst offers a matching line of EC centrifugal fans and compact fans, following EC technology, that have been specifically designed for telecommunication and Data Centre cooling.

These fans from ebm-papst have all of the critical properties that are so important in the telecommunications area. For instance, the compact fans have the highest air performance which can be intelligently demand controlled and thus adapted individually to specific cooling requirements such as phone system cooling. Furthermore, the brushless technology promises a long service life with maintenance-free operation which ensures the continued, optimum performance of key strategic systems.

For small, midsize, and large enterprises alike, the demands for IT and telecommunications performance are constantly increasing. Highly complex applications, faster processors, round-the-clock information and communication, and the ever-increasing compactness and density of computer systems demand maximum performance from the cooling system. ebm-papst compact fans and industrial fans offer solutions for any size of system.

As an engineering partner and manufacturer of customised fan and blower solutions, ebm-papst will be at your side during the development of new applications. A wide range of products in the fields of AC and EC technology, in different models and performance classes, provides the basis for countless applications.